ABRA WALLET Crypto SCAM/Ponzi Scheme o Legit na Crypto Wallet? | Company Review

March 11, 2022
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"Sir, yang Abra po ba Scam din? Malaki po kasi kikitain kng invest lang ng usd15 after 30days holdings makakapagclaim ka Ng total of 40usd .. pasuyo Po, pasagot :)" - Maria Cammielyn Lorenzo

0:00 - Overview

0:46 - Ano nga ba ang Abra Wallet?

0:58 - Ano pagkakaiba ng Abra Wallet sa Coins Ph??

1:18 - Safe bang gamitin ang Abra Wallet?

1:58 - Paano i-off ang Abra Wallet Permissions?

2:58 - Paano kumita sa Abra Wallet?

3:01 - Crypto Buy & Sell

3:51 - High-Yield Savings

4:37 - Disadvantage

4:55 - Loan

5:01 - Reward System

6:06 - Scam ba ang reward system ng Abra Wallet?

6:57 - Bakit kailangan i-hold ang crypto asset?

7:20 - Sino ang makikinabang kapag tumaas ang isang crypto asset?

7:26 - Scam ba ang ganitong sistema?

7:34 - Example

8:54 - Ponzi Scheme o Crypto Scam ba ang Abra Wallet?

9:51 - Abra Wallet Reward System Prediction

10:02 - Pros and Cons

10:07 - Pros

10:46 - Cons

12:31 - Maganda bang gamitin ang

Abra Wallet Download and Register

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Neil Yanto is a Video Creator and Online Entrepreneur. He helps Filipino Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs how to grow their marketing business from scratch across multiple marketing channels. READ MORE

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