What I Need Is To Grow?

May 1, 2017

In life, there are different paths to be successful.

Pwede kang maging isang BOXER, or Singer.
Pwede kang maging isang Artist,
Pwede kang maging architech or engineer
Pwede kang maging Lawyer or doctor,
Pwede kang maging Businessman or Entrepreneur,

Pero sa lahat ng yan kaylangan mong i-develop ang talent, skills and knowledge mo para maging sucessful at maging matagumpay sa ganyang career.

Like Boxer, they need to build their skills and develop their body movement, strength and body speed.

Sa singer naman vocal cords, notes, and pitch.

Very important sa kahit anong career is a consistency.

Pero hindi mo magagawang maging isang successful kapag hindi mo rin pinag tuunan ng pansin ang iyong personality.

Ika nga, marunong ka pa rin lumingon sa iyong pinanggalingan. It means, kaylangan mong maging humble every time.

Isa rin sa kaylangan nating i-develop sa ating personality ay ang ating mindset at positivity.

Dahil kapag hindi natin na-develop yan, mapapagod tayo, masasaktan tayo, panghihinaan tayo ng loob, madedemotivate tayo.

But if you develop your mindset in one career and your positivity you can control your emotions whatever it takes.

Kung ano mang PATH ang pipiliin mo sa buhay para maging isang successful. Develop first your personality before the skills, talent or knowledge.

‘Till Next Post.

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