KYC Policy


This Know Your Customer (KYC) policy is implemented to ensure a secure verification process for all users wishing to connect their trading platforms to our copy-trading server. The policy aims to prevent the misuse of our services for fraudulent activities such as scams, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, and other illegal operations involving cryptocurrency.
1. Full Name and Email Verification:

        ● Users must provide their full legal name and a valid email address as part of the registration process.

2. Valid Identification Document:

        ● An email will be sent to the provided address containing a verification link that must be clicked to confirm the email.

                  ● Passport
                  ● Driver’s License
                  ● National ID Card
Reason for Collecting Personal Information:

        ● The collection of full names and valid IDs helps ensure that all individuals using our copy-trading services are verified and legitimate. This step is crucial for preventing our platform from being exploited for fraudulent schemes and illegal activities, thereby protecting both our users and the integrity of our trading environment.
Verification Process:
1. Submission of Documents:

        ● During the process of connecting to our copy-trading server, users will be guided to a secure form where they must input their full name and upload their identification document.
        ● The document must be current, legible, and clearly show the user's name and photo.

2. Review and Approval:

        ● Our compliance team will review the submitted information and documents for authenticity and completeness within 24-48 hours.
        ● Users will receive a confirmation email once their details have been verified, enabling the connection of their trading platform to the copy-trading server.
Data Privacy:

We take your privacy seriously. All personal data and documents provided are protected under our strict security protocols and will be used solely for identity verification purposes as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Failure to provide the required information and documents or submission of false or misleading data may result in a delay or denial of access to our copy-trading services.
Contact Information:

For any questions or assistance with the verification process, please contact our support team at
Changes to Policy:

We reserve the right to update this policy as necessary to reflect changes in legal, regulatory, or operational requirements. Users will be informed of any significant changes through email.
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